Our group integrates one dimensional (1D) materials, such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and silicon nanowires with van-der Waals 2D materials (graphene, TMDs, hBN, etc...) for realizing novel and unique electronic structures and devices. We study the electrical and mechanical coupling between 1D and 2D materials, and address both basic science and technological applications based on these materials. Specifically, we study the following topics:

  1. We utilize mechanical resonators from these materials and study dissipation phenomena at the nano scale, non-linear behavior, mode mixing, and mechanical qubit for quantum research.
  2. Artificial atoms (quantum dots) embedded within 1D and 2D heterostructures.
  3. Tunneling physics between different materials and dimensions.
  4. Charge and Spin transport within low D materials for classical and quantum electronics.
  5. Non-volatile memory cells, memristors, and atomristors based on 1D and 2D materials.

Open Positions are available for MSc and PhD Students

email: yuvaly@technion.ac.il

phone: 972-4-829-2798